The activities of the ToTCOOP+i Project are focus on providing tools, materials and solutions for cooperatives, trainers and cooperative managers. The effect we expect is to increase the opportunities on the cooperative market, to facilitate their management and management of the team, but also the whole enterprise and to gain competence in innovative solutions that are implemented on the market.

Therefore, for a longer duration of the project, we prepared ourselves to create ready-made materials that could be a valuable tool for them to improve their competences, tailored to the needs and realities of the cooperative.

We have prepared 10 thematic module:

Module 1:  Application of relevant internal, external, sectoral and institutional legal provisions

In this Module for example:

– Roles and responsibilities of cooperative participants

– Cooperative business models and the other corporate models: specificities of the cooperative economic system and differences between cooperative and trading company

– Integrated systems for food quality and safety management

Module 2: Performance of the role of Directors and Officers

– Methods, techniques and tools for conducting discussion groups

– Methods, techniques and tools for dealing with conflict and for managing group conflict

Module 3: Risk management

– Risk management principles and application modalities of them in specific circumstances

– Definition of possible scenarios and risks interrelation that could hurt the cooperative strategy and operations

Module 4: Financial reporting 

– Evaluation of financial technical advices to the board of directors from the manager

– Process of recording, adjusting and reconciling financial transactions and events according to accounting standards

Module 5: Strategic planning

– Agri-food cooperative integration (relation between dimension and competitiveness, cooperation models and enterprise integration, tools to support cooperative integration)

– Methods, techniques, and tools for analysing and assessing the information and documentation about cooperative general and changing business climate and the internal and external organizational

Module 6: Marketing management 

– Methods, techniques, and tools for analysing and reviewing information and documentation on agri-food market and sectoral marketing

– Methods, techniques, and tools for identifying the cooperative’s marketing strategy and strategic objectives

– Online and social media channels and tools for marketing in agri-food sector

Module 7: Management of agricultural policy

– Methods, techniques, and tools for monitoring the process of achievement of agricultural policy goals and implementation of related strategies of the cooperative, and for identifying and adopting needed corrections

– Analysis of challenges of the agri-food cooperative in the framework of domestic and international agricultural policy

Module 8: Management of financing and investment issues

– Costs / expenditures of accounting as a basis for finance management

– Monitoring financial management and prudence through policies, financial reports and established metrics, and identification, and adoption of necessary adjustments

– General principles of accountancy – bookkeeping and financial documents circulation

Module 9: Strategic Risk management

– Strategic risk management principles and application modalities of them in specific circumstances

– Evaluation and validation of preliminary strategic risk profile of the cooperative company prepared by manager

– Communication of the strategic risk profile and strategic risk management action plan of the cooperative

Module 10: Communication including Public Relations and use of Social Media

– Non-verbal communication and body language

– Typologies of target audience

– Methods, techniques and tools for managing relationship and flow of information with the journalists and with the public for transmitting desired messages through media and social media channels


We are currently working hard to translate these materials into the national languages ​​of our team. Tools will soon be available in Polish, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Latvian and, of course, English. We will inform about their availability soon! 

Although ToTCOOP + is: “Strategic Partnership for Innovative Training for Trainers of European Agricultural and Food Cooperatives”, we hope that the materials and tools we have prepared will be available to any cooperative, small business and training institution.