Inspired by the material on the webpage hosted by Jane Hart [C4LPT] , we decided to give you some examples of interesting tools.



Kahoot is an online application for creating and playing games. With smartphones with Internet access you can create games, quizzes or contests. The person who navigates the game navigates the questions and connects with the help of the smartphones, the participants answer them by simply selecting the appropriate color corresponding to the answer A, B, C, D.

Participants get an answer right away, they automatically find out if they answered correctly. There is also a ranking that further strengthens the involvement of the participants with the element of competition.


With this program You can create video with special effect, like tekst, illustrations and gif.  Good solution for creating training materials, educational content, product overviews, marketing videos, and more with hundreds of handpicked video elements.


Thanks to this application you can Get All your listeners on the same page by empowering your participants to follow your slides and other content directly from their own device. Each time you change slides, their device will automatically change too.

Each learner can participate in surveys, exercises and have a real impact on the shape of your presentation. This tool will make your listeners get involved and will want to be part of your speech.

These are just a few of the tools presented on this site. You will find many other applications that will make your presentations more interesting, they can create interesting materials, and make a quick exchange of information.

We recommend!