“Strategic partnership for innovating the training of trainers of the European Agri-food cooperatives.”


ToTCOOP+i is a Strategic Partnership for Innovating the Training of Trainers of the European Agri-Food Cooperative. The project will last two years – from September 2015 to August 2017 – and is funded by ERASMUS+, the main EU Programme in the field of education and vocational training.

E-leaflet about Project ToTCOOP+i


ToTCOOP+i aims to improve quality of VET (vocational and educational training) in the European cooperative sector. Its general objective is to strengthen the capabilities of the members of the Board of Directors in the field of Business Administration, Management and Corporate Culture.

That objective will be achieved by improving and updating the pedagogical and methodological skills, as well as the technical knowledge of trainers of the associations of Agri-food cooperatives and of organizations that offer training and consulting services to agri-food cooperatives.

The project beneficiaries are:

  • managers and trainers of the participating organizations
  • associations of rural cooperatives
  • public entities at local/regional/national level
  • young people working in the cooperative sector
  • members of small and medium of agri-food cooperatives
  • managers of social cooperatives


The project objectives will be achieved through two main actions:

1) exchange of experiences and best-practices between the Countries involved in the project;

2) development of common innovative training content and tools, based on the best-practices identified at European level.

The main outputs will be:

  • A Best-Practices Report on VET actions implemented in EU for the promotion of Business Administration, Management and Corporate Culture among the members of Board of Directors in the agri-food cooperatives.
  • Common Training Contents about Business Administration, Management and Corporate Culture in agri-food cooperatives, that will be available in English, Spanish, Italian, Sweden, Polish and Latvian.
  • An ICT open-source learning platform, for the interactive and shared use of the training contents.

These outputs will be tested through two training of trainers events in Italy and Sweden, where trainers from each partner organization will improve their pedagogical skills and their knowledge about the use of ICT tools for training of members of the Boards of Directors.

Moreover, training pilot sessions will be implemented in each Country with members of the Board of Directors, in order to test the common training contents developed in the project.