At the end of January there was a 4th TRANSNATIONAL MEETING team ToTCOOP + and this time it was held in Italy, Perugia. 

City where we stayed is the capital of the Umbria region. Perugia, in turn, is recognized in Italy for the city of chocolate. Each year, held here by the week of October festival called the Eurochocolate, an extraordinary event for lovers of the sweet delicacy. No wonder that the city is “chocolate hotel”, which of course we have chosen, stopping in Italy.

Nourished with magnesium chocolate we could get to work.

During this meeting took place,1ST TRANSNATIONAL TRAINING ACTIVITY of two planned in the project.  It was attended by trainers representing the partner organizations of the project, Italian, Polish, Sweden, Latvia, Spain and Ireland.

The coaches’ job was to test the training materials prepared by the project.

Unit 1: Application of relevant internal, external, sectoral and institutional legal provisions /

Unit 2: Performance of the role of Directors and Officers

Unit 3: Risk management

Unit 4: Financial reporting

Unit 5: Strategic planning

Unit 6: Marketing management

Unit 7: Management of agricultural policy

Unit 8: Management of financing and investment issues /

Unit 9: Strategic Risk management

Unit 10: Communication including Public Relations and use of Social Media

The next step in the process of training materials, will stage expert reviews. After the process, and the development of best practice materials will be available online and in Moodle, which is created specifically for the project. The functionality of this platform will be discussed in detail during the next meeting of our team in March in Sweden.

We will keep up to date.